Business Research Instruction

At the Freeman School, business research instruction starts at the freshman level and extends to master’s-level courses and beyond. Turchin Business Library’s instruction program seeks to build the research skills that students need both academically and professionally.

Incorporating feedback from students, faculty, alumni, recruiters, and business industry professionals, this program supports and enhances course learning outcomes and aims to make students realize the powerful potential of excellent research skills and resources. Known as information literacy, these skills are transferrable to all learning situations.

The information literate Tulane-Freeman School graduate:

  • Correctly formulates research questions, revising as often as necessary
  • Seeks information from authoritative sources of all types, recognizing that sometimes the appropriate source is a person/expert;
  • Continually evaluates and analyzes information, recognizing bias, and seeking additional information and sources when necessary
  • Attributes the sources used
  • Clearly communicates research results
  • Understands the legal and ethical issues surrounding the creation and use of information


Faculty request a research instruction session for your class.

Students request a research appointment with a librarian.